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Civilization Will Ascend Higher

     If scientific consensus is correct, the greatest challenge civilization has ever faced is rapidly unfolding. But the situation is not as dyer as it seems. Today human ingenuity has powerful tools. To reduce suffering and chaos throughout the world we need to invoke that ingenuity urgently, consciously, and courageously. 

    Most of the underlying principles of Pluvinergy are well proven and understood. Still, Pluvinergy is only a hypothesis at this point but the concept is a simple approach to a simple problem, a cost effective solution on an economic question, an ecologic alternative for environmental issues, most importantly, it is on scale with the challenge at hand.  

    People naturally jump to the conclusion that since environmental problems have expanded with economic growth, then it follows that economic growth must be the problem. It is not, economic growth is necessary, now more than ever, for a more beautiful and healthy environment. 

    Civilization is a burden on the biosphere because our energy regimes are dirty. One would expect that, most of our energy is produced from archaic combustion. That is what the cave men used. Nuclear has too many environmental drawbacks to be cost effective. "Alternative" technologies require subsidy for the same reason, it is not because they are new; wind is old as the hills.  Even the electric grid is an archaic and inefficient construction. Current energy sources and the grid are old and dirty.

    Radiation is also an issue in the case of nuclear energy. Since current technologies require use of the ancient grid, which waste 40% of the energy produced, the whole regime is dirty and destructive. Is it any wonder the environment is damaged? 

Can we avert climate change? Yes. 

    We can even reverse it. We cannot stop using fossil fuels and nuclear energy without a replacement, but human determination and creativity can fix the problems we define. Pluvinergy shows how and why. 

How can Pluvinergy Provide Energy, Water, and Food?  
Natural energy concentration.  

Pluvinergy is an architecture of natural processes to concentrate atmospheric energy flux. Copying the mechanisms that nature uses to concentrate solar energy and to cool the planet are a natural solution for both our water and energy needs. Food is plentiful and environmentally benign when water and energy are abundant.

How can better communication solve climate change? Shared Creativity. 

    Web communication multiplies the creative capacity for all. From my window I can see the mountain peak for which, 60 years ago, Philip Carlson designed his downdraft engine. 

   The Israelis and the Indians improved the design and showed how it produces energy cheaper than coal. Meanwhile the Germans designed the opposite concept of an updraft engine, which was built and proven effective in Spain. The Australians are gathering money to build such powerplants in Arizona and Texas. The university of Texas is improving the solar pond complex at El Paso, while the university of Arizona and the US Park Service in New Mexico have built working models combining three of these components. 

   Pluvinergy is an extrapolation of those designs. Combining these, on appropriate scale, can resolve the Climate Crisis. 

Is Pluvinergy Proven and Built? It can be. 

    The book shows the testing we have done so far. A larger prototype can be built in a few years. Such a system could prove all necessary mechanisms for incorporation. Once demonstrated, corroboration, improvement, and deployment would rapidly develop, because it would be immediately profitable. 

Markets would explode with deployment as soon as the first prototype is demonstrated on scale. Technology which creates a new era is highly profitable; think of oil booms and land grabs in the American continents. 

How can Pluvinergy deploy on time to avert climate change? Communication. 

    The first part is not easy; the scale is too big for a fully incorporated prototype. A full scale model may also requires political support, at the interstate level. 

     People can expedite consideration and peer-review of the concept through the Web. Once the concept is understood and appreciated, computer-aided discourse and policy formulation can expedite design, improvement, and development of prototypes. Deployment could occur simultaneously with development. The components and sites are scalable, and economically self sufficient. Importantly, it is all benign from the start. 

    The vision must first be appreciated; this means regular people must appreciate it and support it. Usually we count on scientists to lead the way. But the academic process can be slow. Scientists will climb on board if the concept has popular support. We are also pursuing the conventional scientific path, but that is a slow and inconsistent. That process may take decades. Climate change is too urgent, therefore, we are pursuing both paths.    

The Purpose of this site is to expedite consideration of the concept and development. ​

    ​We can create a harmonious, beautiful, and verdant world if we believe we can and work to attain it.

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This represents instantaneous energy. It is an illustration of the additional energy being stored in the oceans and earth in general every second due to climate change. Since 1970, is equivalent to Hurricane Sandy not stopping for 60 years.