How It Works
BAE Earth

In the next pages we will sketch out how Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia work. 

By developing these technologies: 

    1. We avert the climate catastrophe.
    It might take all century, but people who can grasp the opportunity, know that we can even reverse climate change, and adjust sea level to our liking within decades not centuries. Most experts disagree on this, because they don't understand the potential of BAE. But in the Book Pluvinergy we show all aspects of the theory. On this webpages we sketch the mechanics of both Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia

   Although we cannot stop using fossil fuels and nuclear energy without a replacement, determined and creative people can fix whatever problems we define. Such people can see that Pluvinergy is one concept which shows how, and importantly, why, energy production and use canand must, improve the environment. 

    2. Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia can Provide all the Energy, Water, and Food for an ecologically sustainable civilization.  

   Pluvinergy is an architecture of natural processes to concentrate atmospheric energy flux. Leaders in conceptual design, know that copying the mechanisms, which nature uses to concentrate solar energy and to cool the planet, are the best and most natural solution for both our water and for our energy needs. Food can be plentiful and environmentally benign when water and energy are abundant and benign. 

    With abundant energy and water which improves rather than degrades the environmen, all commodity production can also be made harmless, or beneficial, to rebuild verdant world and a sustainable relationship with the rest of the biosphere.  

    3. We can adjust Global Sea Level even if we loose all of Greenland (8 meters) and one and one halve times as much ice from Antarctica and other glaciers (12 meters). 

   Sixty years ago, Philip Carlson designed the downdraft engine. The Israelis and the Indians improved the design and showed how it produces energy cheaper than coal, with a caveat. Meanwhile the Germans designed the opposite concept of an updraft engine, which was built and proven effective in Spain. Today, the Australians are gathering money to build such powerplants in Arizona and Texas. The university of Texas is improving the solar pond complex at El Paso, while the university of Arizona and the US Park Service in New Mexico have built working models combining three of these components necessary for Pluvinergy. Meanwhile Louis Michaud has been tirelessly touting the idea of structuring AVE in the open atmosphere. The simple underlying physics of Pluvinergy have been proven and used for years, decades, and centuries. 

   Pluvinergy is an extrapolation of those designs to bring it up to the scale of the climate challenge, by elegantly resolving each caveat. It is a rare confidant person of intellect who has the courage to understand all the challenges, but Pluvinergy specifies those caveats, and specifies all the physics to resolve them.

    Pluvicopia uses the energy already in the atmosphere to produce any amount of fresh water we desire, and as a byproduct it produces significant amounts of energy.  

Click here for a PDF 
Booklet on Climate Change Science from the 
National Academy of Science
The Royal Society

This is a concise and authoritative summary of climate science from two of the most respected scientific organizations in the world: The National Academy of Science from the USA, and the Royal Society from Great Britain. 
Creating New Energy Technology creates
an explosion of jobs and wealth.

Civilization is Environmentally Sustainable through BAE
Click here for Illustration linking specific Scientists who support or deny climate change  

This is a fun illustration: Mouse over the cartoons and see if you can find the few scientists in the world who are still opposed to current theory. Click on each cartoon to see their opinion. 

Additional Atmospheric Energy Monitor
This represents instantaneous energy. It is an illustration of the additional energy being stored in the oceans and the atmosphere every second due to climate change. BAE taps into this growing problem as its energy source. 

That energy quantity is 1.5 times 10 to the 23ed power. That amount of energy could power a one-TW Pluvinergy, or Pluvicopia, power plant for 4500 years. Producing 36 TW of net electrical energy. BAE energy can also come from the sun or earth flux. Meaning that BAE energy is effectively limitless. 
Yes We Can!

    Much of the content here will seem naïve to those who know, as well as to those who don't know much about science, thermodynamics, and meteorology. But delve into any aspect of the concepts offered here, and you will find that there is nothing outside of conventional science. 

    What is new, is commitment to accept the tasks of climate management, sea level control, fresh water security, arable land abundance, and clean energy, along with expanded economic development; as doable tasks, but not optional.

    We ignore, delay, and deny their threat unnecessarily, because we think they are impossible, bat at catastrophic peril to our children and future generations.

    Most discussions start and end  with the idea that these are impossible problems.

    They are not impossible; and we have no option but resolve them. We may be able to solve them with conventional technologies, as the Kyoto and Paris accords propose, but then, this is probably why people think of these as impossible tasks. 

    Pluvi-Technology offer new ways to see these as opportunities to lift civilization with expanded economic opportunity for all the world, with the very challenges which seemed so impossible. 

    These technologies are the start of the new science of BAE. 

Benign Atmospheric Engineering - BAE

    BAE builds with wind and airmass instruments. It seems foolish to think of building something reliable out of wind structures, but why?

    We can begin to see how this is possible when we consider that what we think of as solid and unchanging is not, its only a matter of rate of change and dynamic characteristics. 

    Must of us are aware that a piece of glass is a fluid, it just takes hundreds of years to flow, similar arguments can be made for all familiar materials. In the same way, air masses in motion, winds, are just as reliable in their behavior, but the rate of change is in seconds rather than centuries, and the dynamics of their behavior is much more fluid and complex. 

    BAE confronts global challenges at the global scale, converts pollution into benefits for nature and for civilization, and replaces degradation into improvement. How? 

    Atmospheric fluxes are always there, it's how the planet reradiates solar energy back into space, BAE directs their mechanics and dynamics for our good and the good of the environment.  

    1) There is little or no need to take yet more materials from the environment to try to fix it.

    2) Pluvitechnology moves energy within the atmosphere or radiates it out into space, as might be good for civilization and for nature.

    3) Since Pluvial processes are nature's fundamental mechanics to create and enrich life, civilization too can enrich life, like other environmentally sustainable organisms do. 
We can Solve the Climate Challenge and Prosper too!

     It is a grave error to underestimate the scale and chaos civilization faces today as a result of fossil fuel oxidation; the very fabric of life as we know it is at stake. 

    But these are manageable challenges, we have no option but to face them and resolve them. 

    Fossil fuels lifted human prosperity above all time. Since coal and other fossil fuels were invoked, knowledge, health, and wealth have increased more in each and every subsequent generation than all the generations before. 

    Social contracts, cultural norms, and economic systems, facilitate or make progress easier or more difficult to some degree or another, but the biggest difference in wealth among nations has to do with multiplication of effort through the use of energy in all its forms. Understandably, most societies that have not fully benefitted from the use of energy to enrich their people and lands, now clamor to join the ranks of nations where energy has created wealth above any time or place in history. 

    However, fossil fuel oxidation is changing the planet profoundly. The problem seems daunting, if we limit the options to old technologies, and the old way of thinking. We don't belittle the enormity of the problems; we simply argue that the problems can be solved.  

    But at this point, we must be courageous enough to imagine solutions on scale of the problem. That's what Pluvitechnology offers. 
The atmosphere contains all the energy civilization will ever need 

As the Energy Monitor on this page shows. Climate change is accumulating in the atmosphere at the rate of 332 TW per second. Currently civilization only needs about 20 TW. This means that Pluvinergy could supply for civilization's energy needs with only 6% efficiency from the additional energy accumulating in he atmosphere from climate change.

Pluvinergy should be able to attain such efficiency rates, although Pluvicopia's energy efficiency is currently a small fraction of one percent.  

The insolation rate is 174,000 TW per second, which is also accessible with Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia. 

From this perspective, the additional CO2 in the atmosphere could be a blessing. But, that is doubtful, because the full effect of that additional CO2 will not be known for decades. Nevertheless, Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia can use this extra heat as its energy source. 

BAE processes concentrate atmospheric heat to produce energy and water. It is counterintuitive to the second law of thermodynamics, but it is actually consistent. Smarter people, like formal scientists, will have to figure out how. 

What we know is that radiation from the atmosphere radiates with the 4th power of change in temperature Kelvin. Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia release heat by condensing humidity in the air. This is what natural storms do. At the center of a hurricane, the upper atmosphere is much warmer than the atmosphere at that level, thus a hurricane is pumping huge amounts of energy from the ocean into space.

Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia are simply economically viable architectures to use these natural process. 

A New Vision of Energy and Fresh Water

    Concentrating energy for our power needs is good for the environment because it produces freshwater. Thus, Pluvinergy produces food and fiber as it enriches the biosphere, both directly and indirectly. But there is a much bigger reason, Pluvinergy is a tool on the scale of the atmosphere. This means that its effects are also on the planetary scale. Its potential for absorption of CO2 are significant. Direct removal of heat from the atmosphere, by concentrating it so that it can be radiated into space is also significant. 

    The power of Pluvicopia to affect this benefits is much larger still. Although Pluvicopia produces little energy compared to Pluvinergy technology, its production of water is prodigious. Our modeling so far has concentrated on using the humid air off the steep coast of Midwest Mexico. From this air mass Pluvicopia can produce sufficient water to irrigate all of Mexico's extensive North and Northwest. Because production naturally occurs at high elevation, water can be distributed to most of the US Southwest and West by gravity. Production occurs year round. Curiously, because it pulls moisture that would otherwise fall in the Pacific, the more pater that is produced, the more it is available. This also seems counterintuitive, but there are two robust mechanisms which cause this. 

    This means that if we want to produce the Amazon's flow in North America, at elevation for easy distribution, we can. The water is there, but more importantly the mechanisms to capture it are simple and ready.

    The larger mechanism which makes this possible, is modification of wind flows and direction, from Easterly to Northeasterly. The other mechanism is that as the land is humidified, precipitation increases, and as precipitation increase, it pulls more air from these same modified wind flows. It becomes a beneficial self-re-enforcing feedback loop.

    The reader may have already deduced the next reason that BAE is so powerful and benign; these tools give us control of climate in several ways: 1) We can direct wind flows and precipitation patterns. Thus 2), We can re-forest the planet as we design. And then thus 3), we can design and manage the CO2, and energy content of the atmosphere. 
This artwork is date. Newer designs work differently.
We are always looking for collaborators and supporters of our efforts. Please feel free to contact us for the latest efforts and any questions you might have. 
Building Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia 

Pluvinergy theory is much more complicated than Pluvicopia. Pluvicopia is inexpensive to build and operate. The problem with Pluvinergy is that power plants must be built at full scale. The cost is comparable to a conventional large nuclear power plant.  But its output is about ten times larger, and its byproducts are all beneficial and provide additional revenue more valuable than the power output. And, of course, the energy source is better than free. Since Pluvicopia is so much cheaper, it should be built first, the Pluvinergy will be easier to model, design in detail, and build with the experience from Pluvicopia. 

Currently we are building a 2000 square meter tubular Pluvicopia prototype to demonstrate, develop, and advance greenhouse designs. This prototype is expected to cost only $4 per square meter. We estimate that a full scale system will cost less than $20 per square meter. If this is even close to final cost, the technology is fantastically inexpensive. An operating system could cost one third of the cost of a conventional combined cycle gas power plant. Yet, it would produce a half Colorado River of new fresh water on command. At the same time it would produce almost the same power output as the gas fired power plant.