Pluvinergy Developmental Plan and Status

   Pluvinergy is a hypothesis, but intellectual leaders will understand its basic physics and its potential once the basic concept is appreciated. Then they will lead in testing, evaluating, and finding the investment necessary to build and deploy it. Current experiments have re-proven what has already been demonstrated at various institutions. Now, additional demonstration has progressed beyond what other institutions had proven. If a strong institution wanted to, there is no reason why Pluvinergy can not be built within a decade. However, the looming climate catastrophe dictates that we focus our work on Pluvicopia as a stepping stone to Pluvinergy. 

Conceptually Pluvicopia is extremely simple. Hydroelectric energy captures half of 1% of the energy potential which nature invested in producing fresh water. The statement is not incorrect, the water cycle which produces our rivers is a byproduct of one of the earth's main cooling processes. That's what powers weather phenomena. 

    Pluvicopia doubles the energy rate to about 1% of the potential, but with massive water production. The theory can be demonstrated to conventional scientific rigor, although that will not be necessary. The more expedient route is to build a demonstration prototype, so that real world experience can support theory. 

    Demonstrating Pluvicopia makes it easier to appreciate the potential of Pluvinergy to solve our energy issues. On the drawings to the right here, the simplicity of Pluvicopia can be appreciated. There is really only one physical component. Pluvinergy has 6 different components, because it's objective is to build a recycling wind cycle in the open atmosphere. This generates a continuous energy concentrating process from the atmosphere, to radiate long wave energy into space.  

   When Pluvinergy is fully operational, the technology will affect the whole planet. Pluvinergy technology can integrate civilization with the natural operation of the planet by developing a sustainable balanced with the biosphere. It targets 5% efficiency or better. People who can envision the Pluvinergy era, know that civilization needs to accept its responsibility to care and manage the planet and its life support systems responsibly. 

    Pluvicopia will provides civilization with all the water it will ever need, while providing more energy at each production plant than a nuclear power plant. Pluvicopia is an interim tool to demonstrate a viable path to Pluvinergy. 

   It is the leaders who recognize the potential offered, who will successfully control and manage climate change. They understand that we must compress Pluvinergy development from a normal 30 years into 20, and its deployment from a century into a few decades.

Controlling Climate Change
    The table below shows five components which need further development. Such development can be demonstrated for as little as $300,000 for each process. Proving these subcomponents, would expedite development of designs for a full scale prototype. Once either or both of these developments take place, strong individuals in venture capital markets will accelerate development and further advancement. Such rapid development is the key to controlling climate change before its inevitable chaos makes the job more difficult. This is why patenting, or secret development was avoided, by putting as much as we know about the concept into a book. 

    The strategy with Pluvicopia is intended to offer investors immediate payback. It is one component to develop for quick and clear profitability, and massive production of fresh water. 

   It is a matter of getting the snowball rolling down the hill. This is the hard part. Its necessary large scale and the ambitious objective are the impediment at this time. But Pluvinergy leaders must have the intellectual courage and honesty to accept the scale of the problem. They must honestly seek true solutions on scale. If we want to resolve climate change before it is too late, we have to accept reality as it is, and open our imagination to possible solutions. 

    People who will solve the climate crisis accept that economies must be protected from whatever climate resolutions we design. They do not deny that climate change is a looming catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, they have the courage to think and act outside the box. 

   These are unusual times, if one is honest about the potential catastrophe of climate change. It requires that we expedite resolution with courage, and integrity. Despite the many errors, and we have identified many, Pluvinergy is dedicated to sincerity in resolving errors, but the fundamental concepts are so basic, that all errors, so far anyway, lead to better designs. 

Pluvinergy as a Constructive Technology 
   As civilization becomes ever more inseparable from the operation of the planet, Pluvinergy leaders must always remain open to public input and guidance. In most aspects, Pluvinergy is the opposite of its antithesis, nuclear and fossil fuel technology. Whereas those old technologies must hide their destructive and harmful aspects, Pluvinergy development invites guidance for global improvement at every turn, and stage of development. The technology can be and must remain beneficial. It must never be a net detriment to the biosphere, or people, diametrically opposed to how fossil fuels and nuclear energy must pretend that the issues are inconsequential.

Component Development Status

Pluvinergy is composed of several engine processes that can function independently and justify their costs and benefits independently. This table shows each component's level of development. 

Even with our shoestring laboratory budget facilities we have advance many of these areas. Entrainment, which is one of the undemonstrated concepts, was evident in one of our smoke and steam vortex experiment. As condensation cooled, it made its way back to the base of the one meter experimental vortex structure. This was not the intended study, but the concept is so simple, that it was demonstrated with just a few thousand dollars in work and equipment. With concerted effort, and greater investment and talent, all these areas can be rapidly advanced. It bares repeating, that these are very simple concepts.

Replacement of Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Technology

Pluvinergy has the huge ambition of eliminating the need for fossil fuels and nuclear energy. Both old technologies have important functions in a clean energy future, but only for limited applications. Carbon Based fuels are needed for flight and other extremely high energy concentration demands, and nuclear technology is essential for clean-up and space application purposes. Pluvinergy will replace these old technologies on the basis of its cost advantages. Its environmental cornucopia of benefits will flow effortlessly. However, at this point Pluvinergy must prove and improve its efficacy and physical practicality.  

Pluvicopia is a first concrete step to demonstrate that both old destructive energy regimes can be avoided for the sake of a healthy biosphere, and limitless prosperity for civilization throughout an increasingly harmonious world. 
How It Works
BAE Earth

Pluvinergy Status
Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia Compared

Because Pluvicopia uses latent heat from already humid air, it is very simple and requires a much smaller IS system than Pluvinergy. 

The complex funnel system at the very bottom represents the energy flows in Pluvinergy. The Pluvicopia system is simply 1 quarter of the energy from the Inversion System IS, plus the energy load hidden in incoming air in the form of latent heat. 

This is why Pluvicopia is so much cheaper and simpler to build, and write about.

The first picture below represents the Pluvicopia system. The only physical structure necessary to build is the gray greenhouse. The various funnels represent energy inputs. 
    The starting funnel is 12 GW from insolation which the greenhouse captures. 
    The second input is latent heat also released within the greenhouse just by adding some drop seeds into the flow. 
    The bigger triangle also includes 200 GW which is also released from latent heat in the internal flow due to elevation which the greenhouse induces.
    The objective is to create and manage the rising plume which in turn entrains the great big funnel representing one TW guided by the plume into strategic elevation point, which finally re-enforces the whole process with one terawatt of energy up-flow into the sustained plume. 

Full Pluvinergy System
Notice the many funnel structures to create and  manage. The necessary size of the Pluvinergy greenhouse is 100 km2. The benefit of Pluvinergy is that it concentrates wind into tight focused so that it might exceed 5% net efficiency. This is mainly and energy production system, exceeding 18 GW of output, about 10 times larger than a Large Nuclear power plant.  

Pluvicopia is fortunate if it can attain 0.5% efficiency, but it produces massive water flows. 

Comparing Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia

Pluvinergy has 6 physical components Whereas Pluvicopia only has one, a 75% smaller greenhouse with which to produce effects into the open atmosphere. This is why it is so much easier to explain and build. 

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Full Pluvicopia System