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How It Works
BAE Earth

Each of us can help advance  Pluvinergy Development

Two Roads​ to Actualization, the Third is Pluvicopia

   The ideal strategy is to gain popular support, which might urge the scientific community to consider Pluvinergy expediently. However, up to now, public enthusiasm is lacking. Of course, this is reasonable, the public counts on the scientific community to lead the way. So, in addition to writing the book, publishing the webpage, and commenting on other web pages, we will continue to pursue conventional channels in sciences. For now the effort will be diverted to building Pluvicopia. 
Pluvicopia, meaning copious rain, is a new path to development of benign atmospheric engineering, BAE. Since the process is 40 times cheaper than Pluvinergy, and inordinately simple to build, we will build a 1/10,000 prototype for patent processing, then a 1/100th prototype hopefully from grants and other donations. Patent protection may encourage investors to fund construction of a working scale system within 4 years. The time to develop such tools to protect myriads of species from extinction, and civilization from drastic instability is running out; what ever it takes we must do.  

Teachers and Professors

   Acceptance of a new concept, as ambitious as Pluvinergy, is slow and uncertain. One way to start the process of understanding is for college professors to offer it as a challenge in critical analysis. A PDF of the book is available for interested teachers.  Please contacts us by any means offered here to discuss an offering. 
Pluvicopia is a direct development strategy, if you are interested in understanding it, or want to help in its development please contact us too.  

Media Pros

   Media professionals and others who can offer resources to increase our reach, please feel free to call or contact us directly by any means offered here. 

   Please request a Press Package if you need one.

Readers and Other Supporters

   Please call, email, talk to, and engage friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to expedite and expand our efforts. 
   You can find our book on the links offered here. We will respond to emails as well as possible, but please be patient.

Read and share the book 

   Please read the book to understand the technical basis explaining why Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia may be the best and most viable technology to form a new era of prosperity. We can develop a more verdant world of harmony with Pluvinergy and Pluvicopia. Without such tools, civilization may and life on earth may contract catastrophically.  

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    Spread the word anyway you can.

    The rapidly unfolding catastrophe of climate change will not wait kindly for us. If you study the science, the apparent lull in climate change since 1998, is a coordinated false appearance. Heat is accumulating in the ocean at the equivalent of 4 Hiroshima bombs per second. When change manifest it will probably make up for lost time. 

    Contact us and tell us what else we can do to advance the cause. The author is substantially dyslexic and politically inept, you may see errors, and political blunders, which he does not. Please point them out. Otherwise, it takes several weeks for the author to see and correct them. 

Thanks for trusting your own judgment and understanding. ​

Atanacio Luna​
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